Цветоводство, садовые цветы
Elaeocarpus sericopetalus, растения Австралии

Scale bar 10mm. Copyright CSIRO

10th leaf stage. Copyright CSIRO

Cotyledon stage, epigeal germination. Copyright CSIRO

Elaeocarpus sericopetalus



Botanical Name

Elaeocarpus sericopetalus F.Muell.

Mueller, F.J.H. von (1868) Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae 6: 171. Type: In montibus orariis ad sinum Rockinghams Bay; Dallachy, (holotype MEL?; isotypes BRI n.v., L. [M.J.E.Coode, Kew Bull. 39 (1984)..

Common name

Ash, Blueberry; Blueberry Ash; Hard Quandong; Northern Hard Quandong; Quandong, Hard; Quandong, Northern Hard


Lenticels rather large and split so that they sometimes resemble flowers, e.g. a rose (Rosa spp.).


Leaf blades about 6-10 x 1.5-3 cm. Lateral veins forming fairly distinct loops well inside the blade margin. About 10-20 teeth on each side of the leaf blade.


Sepals less than 14 mm long. Petals about 4.5-5 x 1-1.5 mm, apex entire or divided into two or three obscure lobes or teeth. Stamens about 45-50. Ovary hairy.


Fruits globular-ellipsoid, about 12-13 x 10-11 mm. Endocarp finely tuberculate-rugose.


Cotyledons linear, about 15 x 2 mm. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade narrowly elliptic, apex acuminate, base attenuate, margin finely serrate, teeth aristate at the apex, glabrous; stipules very small, triangular, hairy.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to Queensland, occurs in NEQ and extends to just south of Townsville (Mt Elliot). Altitudinal range from 200-1300 m. Grows in well developed rain forest, usually in upland and mountain rain forest.

Natural History

Produces a useful general purpose timber.

Wood specific gravity 0.75. Cause et al. (1989).



Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)




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